Solvers celebrates it’s 15th anniversary

15 years ago, Solvers company was established as a team of road design specialists joined by one common purpose: to enhance classical approach to road planning with modern technologies. Today, we can safely say that this decision has justified itself: through the use of computer analysis and modelling we got more reliability, more safety, more economic effectiveness.

Those 15 years also gave us a lot of experience, especially in Eastern Europe and CIS. Right now we are working on a Shopping-Entertainment Centre in Tula, Russia, which by opening in 2015 will be the biggest multifunctional center in town.

At last, those years brought us constructive, long term relationships with our partners in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Austria, Germany. What allows us to think that we are moving in the right direction is recognition of our skills expressed by our clients.

In the perspective, we are going to develop those relationships further to become an obvious solution for our existing clients in the road design area. And of course, we are open for new collaboration.