Shopping and entertainment centre “Aquarelle”

Key facts

Land use:
Shopping and Entertainment Centre
120 000 m2
Land plot:
253 000 m2
4000 cars
5 km
To be completed in 2012
Volgograd, Russia
2009 - 2011

Aquarelle shopping and entertainment centre is a project unique for Volgograd, designed with specific consideration of the city's landscape and economy. Aquarelle is 3 times larger than any shopping centre currently working in Volgograd. A unique combination of key success factors makes Aquarelle the main shopping, entertainment and leisure destination in both Volgograd and entire region, a new centre of city life!

The purpose of the study is to perform transportation impact study by means of computer simulation and to evaluate the concept of traffic organization in the adjacent territory of the planned site in order to ensure effective use of mall “Aquarelle” objects and safety and convenience of prospective traffic participants.

New shopping mall “Aquarelle” will be located on the east side of Universitetsky prospect between M. Vasilevskogo and G.Zasekina streets on the borders of administrative regions “Sovetskiy” and “Kirovskiy”

Total land plot area is 252860m2. The building area approximately is 68782m2 from total plot area, delivery zones ~12544m2, roads and pavement ~90965m2, parking area ~52206m2 and greenery ~28363m2.

The shopping mall area is 121834m2 (GFA - Gross Floor Area) and 92140m2 (GLA - Gross Leasable Area). New mall is planned to put into operation in year 2012. The site envisages 4044 parking places.

Projected traffic was forecasted for 2012 and 2022 years.

Capacity analyses have been performed for five alternatives of access to the planned site. Critical intersections that are key access points along the perimeter of the project were identified. Other important intersections that include significant volumes of site traffic, within the area of influence of the project, were judged critical because of existing and projected congestion.

All suggested alternatives were designed and evaluated according to standards and norm of Russia Federation and performance measures. As a result the best and preferred alternative for implementation is Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) with frontage roads.