Riga Terminal and territory

Key facts

Land use:
Railway and intermodal terminal, multi-use
Land plot:
90 ha
10 km
Development period:
2002 - 2011
Riga, Latvia

Railway terminal and surrounding territory is one of the most complex transport node in the Riga city centre. Company Solvers works with several development projects at railway terminal and surrounding territory, including, but not limited to the following projects:

  • Shopping centre “Origo”, client Linstow AS
  • Redevelopment of “Latvian Post” building, client Linstow AS
  • Parking and pedestrian tunnel for shopping centre “Stockmann”
  • Shopping and business centre and route taxi terminal, client “Regals Nami” SIA
  • Multifunctional centre “Willbrook Diamond” (GFA - 140 000 m2), client “City Development Company”
  • Transportation planning and modeling of 13. January and Satekles streets, client Riga City Council
  • Development of the Intermodal terminal in the Historic Centre of Riga, client Riga City Council