Transportation impact study for VIP and A-class office “Z-Towers”

Key facts

Land use:
VIP and A-class office
100 000 m2
800 cars
4 km
To be completed in 2014
Riga, Latvia
“Vertikala Pasaule”, SIA

“Z Towers” is being constructed in a prime location, in “Pardaugava” just across the River Daugava, only 5 minutes drive from the Old Town and 10 minutes drive from Riga International Airport.

It is planned that “Z Towers” will be an unparalleled office centre for entrepreneurs, who appreciate the value of their business, respect their team and business partners, recognise quality and strive for results. The innovative construction of the two connected buildings is bound to become one of the outstanding architectural landmarks in the Baltic Region:

 Its two interconnected skyscrapers have been developed by the prestigious company “F.L. Tadao & Luksevics” Ltd., a company that in 2005 was awarded a prize for its contribution to Latvian architecture. The highest tower will reach 120 metres and the total area of the premises will be ~100 000 m². The project will be constructed on foundations and underground premises that have been completed by “Strabag AG”, (Austria). The podium of towers will be constructed by SIA “Uzņēmējs”. Construction of “Z Towers” will open its doors to clients and visitors in 2014.