Traffic Impact Analysis

A traffic impact analysis (TIA) assesses the effects that a particular development's traffic will have on the transportation network in the community. These studies vary in their range of detail and complexity depending on the type, size and location of the development. Traffic impact studies should accompany developments, which have the potential to impact the transportation network. They are important in assisting public and private clients in making land use decisions. These studies help evaluate whether the development is appropriate for a site and what type of transportation improvements may be necessary.

Solvers SIA traffic impact analysis are completed for varying project sizes - ranging from a few hundreds square meters to more than 1 million square meters. TIA studies help our public and private clients to:

  • Forecast additional traffic associated with new development, based on accepted practices.
  • Determine the improvements that are necessary to accommodate the new development.
  • Assist in land use decision-making.
  • Identify potential problems with the proposed development, which may influence the developer's decision to pursue it.
  • Allow assess the impacts that a proposed development may have.
  • Help to ensure safe and reasonable traffic conditions on streets after the development is complete.
  • Reduce the negative impacts created by developments by helping to ensure that the transportation network can accommodate the development.
  • Provide direction to community decision makers and developers of expected impacts.
  • Protect the substantial community investment in the street system.