Traffic Signal Plans

Traffic congestion is a major problem in cities of all sizes. People are taking more trips, and there are more vehicles on the road. The resulting traffic congestion is costly-motorists' time is wasted, and the environment is harmed by pollutants emitted from idling engines. Even worse, the congestion often provokes motorists into dangerous behavior, such as running red lights, in an attempt to make up lost time. Solvers SIA use some relatively simple, low-cost adjustments to a traffic signal system, which can, however, significantly improve traffic flow. We are ready to show how adjusting your city's traffic signals can reduce congestion and lead to big payoffs in timesavings, environmental benefits, and safety.

Solvers SIA use simulation modeling for optimizing traffic signal timing and performing capacity analysis. We optimize splits, offsets, and cycle lengths for individual intersections, an arterial, or a complete network. Solvers SIA perform capacity analysis using both the ICU and HCM methods.